What shipping method do you use?

All of our shipments for repairs are FedEx Ground. Please make sure you drop your package in a FedEx Ground dropbox, or at a FedEx location. For orders including only shoe laces, and mailer bags ordered from us, we ship via USPS First Class.

What are the shipping costs for repairs?

The Shoe Hospital offers round-trip FedEx ground shipping (with tracking) for the first item for $16.95, and only $1 more for each additional item! Send five or more items, and shipping is free!

What size are the mailing bags, and how many shoes do they hold?

Our mailing bags are big! They measure 14×19″ and will hold 3-4 ladies shoes, 1-2 men’s shoes, or 1 pair of boots. If your items won’t fit into the mailer bag, just use the shipping label included with the mailing bag on any box you have available; it is not tied to any specific weight or dimensions.

What if I decide not to do the repair because of price, repair solution, or you conclude the repair cannot be done successfully?

No problem at all. The Shoe Hospital will simply ship your items back to you at no charge, no questions asked.

What if there is a question, concern, or alternate repair solution for my order?

If necessary, we will contact you by email to let you know we need to discuss your order, and you can contact us at your convenience to go over everything.

When will my credit card be charged for my order?

Your credit card will be charged only after your items have arrived at our repair facility and your order has been evaluated & any pricing adjustments approved.

How long does it take to get your repair items back?

Not long at all! Generally, your items will be repaired within 7 days of us receiving them! Items will be shipped back to you within 10 working days (2 full weeks) of your order being processed by us.

Should I send my shoe boxes, trees, bags, etc?

To help us keep our shipping costs and prices low, please only include your items for repair in your shipment. We cannot keep track of shoe trees, boxes, dust bags, etc while repairing your items, so these items will be discarded and will not be returned.

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