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shoes saved from the landfill
animals saved

Don’t let your old shoes fill up our landfills.
When you consider the end of life for a pair of shoes, take into account all the materials that are being placed in landfills. Leather takes approximately 25 to 50 years to biodegrade. By using our quality shoe repair services, you become a part of the 62 million pairs of shoes that have been kept out of our landfills since we started fixing shoes over 100 years ago.

Shoe repair saves 1 billion animals each year.
At the Shoe Hospital, we do over half a million shoe repairs every year and for every 18 shoe repairs another animal is saved. Our shoe repair shop has saved over 280,000 animals in the last decade that were going to be slaughtered for their leather.

Together, we can make a difference.
The global footwear manufacturing industry produces the largest quantity of leather waste totaling over 1,479,351 TONS of waste every year. And this doesn’t even include the waste produced by consumers when they throw their old shoes away! Boot and shoe repair extends the life of shoes which reduces waste and reuses materials.
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