Alejandro Ingelmo’s entrepreneurial inclinations and knowledge of shoe repair and design are in his blood. His great grandfather was a master cobbler who began his career in shoe repair, later opening his own company and production facility, Ingelmo Shoes, which became one of the most well-known and respected shoe manufacturing companies in Spain.

As the current shoe lineage holder, Alejandro Ingelmo maintains traditional craftsmanship while incorporating innovative modern interpretations into his designs. His experience as an accessory designer is also evident in his elements of exquisite detail.

Ingelmo Launches His Company

Alejandro Ingelmo’s parents emigrated from Spain to Cuba, but they moved to the US by the time he was born. He grew up in Miami and moved to New York City to pursue his career. His Cuban heritage combined with the edgy style unique to New York. His original designs utilized distinctive materials such as exotic skins. He launched his first women’s shoe collection in 2006, getting the attention of the fashion world. This popularity inspired the addition of a men’s collection in the following year.

“AI’s” Get Recognition

As celebrities and even fashion designers touted Ingelmo’s designs, he gained a cult following. Eventually, his shoes were nicknamed “AI’s”, and everyone wanted a pair. He was nominated for many awards, including the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design and the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Top Ten.

Ingelmo’s Wide Range of Inspiration

While many designers focus on a particular style of shoe, Ingelmo knows no bounds. From women’s high heels to sleekly designed sneakers, he offers something for everyone. His latest sneaker designs have such names as “Tron” and “Jeddi”, inspired by robotic-like, slick themes.

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