Investing in shoe repair should be complimented by a healthy foot care routine. While the shoe repair specialist’s job is to see that the shoe’s construction remains solid, each of us is responsible for caring for the feet inside them. After all, what good is a well-crafted pair of shoes if the feet inside of them are not feeling happy?

Basic Tips for Clean and Comfortable Feet

1) Cut your toenails across, not in a curve. This prevents ingrown nails.

2) Expose your feet to fresh air more often.

3) Soak your feet regularly, followed by a dusting of talc powder.

4) Let your shoes dry out completely before wearing them again if they get damp. This helps prevent fungal infections.

5) If you like to wear shoes without socks, wear half socks that don’t show. This cuts back on potential stinky feet factor.

Choosing the Right Shoes Healthy Feet

You can see how many people suffer from foot problems such as bunions and corns by observing the vast array of products available on the market. The short term effect is mild discomfort, but if continually exposed to the conditions that caused them in the first place, problems will certainly continue.

High heeled shoes of are the most notorious as they often throw body alignment off. If worn too frequently, they often lead to back, neck, and leg aches. The best shoes to choose for overall foot health are constructed from breathable materials.

Preventing and Treating Fungal Infection on Your Feet

Footwear and socks that do not allow your foot to breathe promote fungal infection, a contagious problem and a major cause of itchy rashes and unpleasant odor. Over-the-counter and prescription-strength creams and sprays are commonly available at any pharmacy. The longer the infection goes on, the more severe it may become, so be sure to nip it in the bud.

After you get your foot care routines down, you’ll no longer have to toss your funky shoes in the trash. Customers from all over the world have enjoyed their favorite shoes for longer thanks to the shoe repair masters at

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