While shoe repair often refers to fixing things that are broken, it can also mean transforming things in your own way to get a fashion fix. Ashley Ebner, founder of Joker’s closet, empowers her customers to make their own custom “shoe repair” online before having them shipped. This unique feature changes every season, allowing customers to choose colors and textures as well as the coloring of the stitching. It can be a fun and playful process that gives the customer control over their exclusive design.

Ashley Ebner’s Inspiration Behind Joker’s Closet

When she was studying design at the London College of Fashion, Ebner developed her unique creative direction. Her style emerged reflecting her love of the experimentation process, something that she approaches as a kind of game.

Her designs are lively and spirited, inspiring the concept behind Joker’s Closet. In a card game you strategize and make the Joker card whatever you like. On the Joker’s Closet website, you control color and textures to suit your unique mood. This system allows you to take your time to find what you really like.

Designs that Inspire Joker’s Closet

Cool design ascetics and statement shoes are a source of inspiration for Ebner as well as edgy design concepts. Her focus on a person’s unique style and creation gives her an appreciation for nearly any kind of shoe. She follows the lead of many fashion experts, subscribing to the idea that it is not the style as much as how it’s worn and if the person can pull it off.

Collaborating with Other Designers

Ebner recently collaborated with Korean designer Lie Sang Bong for a spring/summer 2014 project. Lie Sang Bong selected styles from her collection and was given control over color and texture placement on the designs. The result on the runway was awe inspiring.

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