Below is a picture of the method we have for re-soling Cole Haan shoes that originally have Nike Air soles. Unfortunately, a direct replacement for this sole is no longer available, but we believe we have found a good alternative method of repair for this style of shoe.

While your shoes may not match the style of the picture exactly, the method of repair would remain the same, as all the different models of these shoes used the same rubber sole.

The only major thing to note about our method of repair is the areas of the shoe where the original sole cupped the upper. As you can see from the pictures, our replacement sole is a flat unit, and after repair, you’ll see some areas of the uppers that have been touched up with color and filled in. This is normally not a major issue; if your shoes are a color or style that we feel would look especially repaired, we would let you know before beginning the repair process.

Due to the large amount of work involved with this process, the cost for re-soling this style of shoe is $100, and can take 2-3 weeks to complete. If you’re interested in having the repair done, simply go to https://www.myshoehospital.com/custom to place a custom order.

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