We're sorry for the issue with your repairs, and want to do everything we can to help!

Please order this re-do product only if you've been directed by MyShoeHospital to send your item back to have the repairs re-done. Once we receive your return shipment, we will resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and will contact you if we have any questions or need any clarifications about the repairs.

The reason we ask for all re-do jobs to place another order is so that you will have a new shipping label and tracking information for both your inbound and outbound shipments, and also so we will have detailed instructions on what needs to be re-done. Our website will automatically notify you once we've received your shipment and begun the repairs, as well as sending you tracking information once the repairs have been shipped.

Ordering this product will not charge anything to your credit card, although our software requires that we authorize your card for $0.01 for the order to be successfully placed. Rest assured that no charges for any re-do order will be processed unless discussed with you beforehand.

In order to ensure that we resolve all issues successfully, please be sure to include a detailed description of what areas need to be addressed.

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