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Pick any color and we’ll make it come to life for your big day! For over 25 years, our color blending experts have been providing custom dye-to-match services for weddings and special events. Perfectly match your handbag and accessories to your dress, sash, accessories, or anything else you wish. Just send in all your dyeable items and we will ensure they match perfectly and look absolutely beautiful for your big day.

1. Send us your dyeable handbag (satin or fabric)

2. Send us your color swatch

3. We’ll custom mix dye to match your swatch and apply to your items.

Please note, that in order to have good results with fabric dyeing, the material must be a dyeable, white, uncolored fabric, that has not been waterproofed or stain protected. While we’ll be glad to do our best dyeing other items, it is very risky to dye any item that is not specifically designed to be dyed, and we would be unable to guarantee the results. Most items designed to be dyed will clearly mention it on the box, shoe, or will come with a small piece of test fabric in the box.

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