If you don’t learn how to walk properly in your high heeled shoes, you may be shipping them off to a shoe repair shop before you can even reach your next big event. While women’s shoe repair is simple enough, women’s body repair can be trickier. Having to spend money on shoe repair is difficult enough, but suffering is unnecessary if you know a few simple tips.

Proper Posture While Wearing Heels

Wearing high heels can give a woman a sense of confidence and style, however, a sore back, neck, and blisters will counteract that in a jiffy, resulting in a downgrade from sexy to slouchy. Read on to gather some advice about how to maintain a strong and natural posture in your stiletto strut.

• Your head should be lined up with your spine and your chin level with the ground.
• Don’t look down when you’re walking. Keep your shoulders straight and pulled back.
• Engage your abdominals and keep knees at slight bend.
• Take small, slow steps.
• Take a full step, from heel to toe.

How To Achieve the Maximum Visual Effect of Heels

Some people look to runway models as the perfect examples of how to walk in heels. Although their struts are sexy, walking like that in everyday life could be a little over the top. Here are a few practical tips to help you maximize your presentation in heels:

• Visualize walking on an invisible line to give a sway to your hips.
• Practice bringing one foot in front of the other with toes pointing straight.
• Walk around your house in your heels to get used to them. Don’t forget to practice on the stairs.
• If you’re not used to heels, work your way up in height gradually.

Don’t forget to break in your heels by walking on various indoor and outdoor surfaces. Blisters and limps will certainly counteract your strong and confident look. There’s no shame in using cushions and insoles.

Proper Heel Posture Preserves Your Investment

Not only will improper posture stress your body, it will also shorten the life of the shoe. A lot of pressure and friction on one part of the shoe will cause the construction of the shoe to weaken and you’ll need a women’s shoe repair specialist to assist you.

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