While it’s true that premium shoe repair experts can handle nearly any shoe crisis, we also have our part in the shoe maintenance process. Lengthening or lessening the time between premium shoe repairs means learning the right techniques that can keep you in your favorite shoes for longer. Buying fewer shoes means you will have extra money in your pocket.

What Makes a Premium Quality Shoe Better Than Average?

1) Quality materials. Generally leather is more durable than man made materials.
2) A good fit that is supportive and comfortable.
3) Breathability that optimizes healthy foot care.
4) The company that produces them has been consistent over time with positive customer feedback and a good reputation.

Simple Tasks for Making Your Shoes Last a Long Time

1) Polish your shoes on a regular basis.
2) Waterproof your shoes.
3) If your shoes tie or use straps, undo them properly before taking them off.
4) If your shoes get wet, let them dry out completely before wearing them again.
5) Store your shoes neatly.
6) Replace the soles when they wear out.
7) Brush your shoes, removing dirt, mud any other debris. Don’t put in washer and dryer.
8) Sprinkle baking soda inside your shoes to absorb moisture and odor.
9) Rotate several pairs of shoes so one doesn’t get worn out too quickly.
10) Have a premium shoe repair service install rubber heels over leather ones.

Helpful Products for Shoe Maintenance

1) Foot Lotion and powder. Bacteria make for irreversible foot funk that will end your shoe’s wear-ability.
2) Baking soda sprinkled inside shoes neutralizes odor.
3) Spray-on protectors help prevent water stains and damage from dirt.
4) Bristle brushes for removing dried dirt.
5) Shoe polish.

We can see in life that everything must be maintained in order to have a long life. As we can’t treat our own body poorly and expect the doctor to fix everything, we should not expect our material possessions to do any better. With that said, did you know there is a hospital for your shoes? No joke. See for yourself at www.myshoehospital.com.

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