While a woman’s shoe repair service can salvage her fashion meltdown, an inspired design can truly get her back on her feet. A woman’s shoe repair can be defined not only in material terms, but in how an elegantly crafted pair of shoes can help her feel beautiful and express herself. Julian Hakes, a British architect turned footwear designer, designed the revolutionary mojito shoe which gained award winning recognition in 2012 as Draper’s Shoe Designer of the Year.

The Initial Inspiration of the Mojito Shoe

Julian Hakes felt as though the fashion-shoe world needed revamping. On The Fashion Spot website, he was quoted as saying “I had a strong feeling that fashion shoes looked the way they do… because of…inherited tradition rather than a strong design process or functional reassessment of how the foot works”. He would not settle for a variation or a new take on an old theme, he wanted to do something entirely new.

The Evolution from One Idea to Another

On his website, julianhakes.co.uk, Hakes describes that he began to wonder why there was a footplate in heels when the main force in walking goes from the heel to the ball of the foot. Contemplating on the evolution of footwear over time, he concluded that the most basic shoe design, the sandal, was still being made in the same way with the same materials. He concluded that a revolution was in order to twist the old designs using new materials.

The Mojito Shoe is created

As an architect considers which parts of the structure need support in the right places, Julian Hakes transferred this process to shoe creation, exploring design options by wrapping tracing paper around his own foot. The design born of his process became the now famous Mojito, a single strip that wrapped around the foot. The original prototype utilized a combination of carbon fiber laminated with rubber, which provided the needed support and flexibility for movement with ease.

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