Women’s shoe repair businesses occasionally have to share some bad news with their customers; their designer shoes are actually knock-offs. While the fashion designer fabricator fingers his fat pockets, women’s shoe repair specialists are left to fix their customer’s hurt egos. There are many ways you can learn to separate the imitations from the real thing, but if you’re really not sure, ask a women’s shoe repair specialist whose knows shoes inside and out.

Dupable Status Seekers Meet Selfish Swindlers

The people who are left crying are those who shelled out dearly for what they thought were genuine fashion designer boots. Other consumers may know perfectly well that they are purchasing rip offs, but buy them because they can’t afford the real thing. The only problem is that many knock-offs are so poorly made that buyers end up shipping them off to the online boot repair service in no time at all.

Tips to Defeat Tiresome Shoe Designer Traitors

-If your desired shoes are much less expensive than you thought, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.
-Do you know what the genuine fashion designer logos look like? If not, familiarize yourself before shopping.
-Use your intuition. Does it seem like you are dealing with a reputable business? Do they provide a warranty?
-Is the stitching straight on the seams? Is there glue dripping off strips of leather?
Real fashion designers employ master craftsmen not slaphappy slackers.

Trust Online Shoe Repair Companies to Distinguish Fashion Faux Pa from the Real Thing.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you got the real thing or not. If in doubt, contact an online shoe repair company to see if they are willing to verify the status of your shoes. With this knowledge, you will be able to decide if it makes sense to invest in sustaining the life of your shoes.

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