Many applaud us for our efforts towards a positive customer service experience, but it’s important to note how our efforts benefit animals. Each year over 1 billion animals are slaughtered for their leather. At My Shoe Hospital we do over a half a million shoe repairs every year. For every 18 shoe repairs, another animal is saved. In the last decade alone our shoe repairs have saved over 280,000 animals marked for slaughter.

My Shoe Hospital prides itself for being the shoe repair solution for the conservation-conscious individuals who still love the look and feel of their leather shoes. By choosing shoe repair, you are keeping demand for leather down and saving more animals.

Also, it’s important to note that many women’s shoes often contain no leather. Instead of animal products they often rely on cloth and rubber. So a woman’s shoe repair will often not require any additional leather and no animals are needed to keep her looking sharp.

In addition to cutting down the amount of leather harvested from animals, we also use only vegetable tanned leather from Medina Torres for our shoe repairs. Vegetable tanned leather is the old-world, environmentally friendly way of producing leather that utilizes tannic acids naturally occurring in some plant species. This ensures there are no added chemicals used on the leather that compromise conservation efforts.

The reality is that leather is too versatile for us not to use it. Instead we focus on repairing existing leather products by using a small amount of leather. Through shoe repair, we’re keeping thousands of animals alive and contributing to the 62 million pairs of shoes kept out of landfills each year.

So instead of increasing demand for animals, why not consider getting a shoe repair for your favorite pair of wingtips? Help us help the animals and keep the skyrocketing demand for leather down through shoe repairs at My Shoe Hospital.

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