Living in Boulder Colorado comes with the added perk of being surrounded by open prairies and beautiful mountain views. With 151 miles of hiking trails open to the public, Boulder, Colorado is a hiking paradise! The Foothills of the Rocky Mountains lie to the west of the city with wooded, winding paths. To the east of Boulder, Colorado is the serene, open vistas of the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

The terrain of Boulder, Colorado can muck up even the most tried and true hiking footwear. Don’t throw them away, let My Shoe Hospital fix your boots before you hit the trails this summer! We know how hard it is to find a pair of shoes that fits your comfort, style, and fitness needs. So, why not let our shoe repair craftsmen bring your favorite pair back to life?

My Shoe Hospital is the world’s largest shoe repair company, providing mail-in shoe repair to Boulder, Colorado and anywhere else in the United States. Not only do our shoe repair craftsmen repair hiking boots, we also repair women’s and men’s casual shoes, high heels, dress shoes, fashion boots and work boots. Mail-in shoe repair is as easy as 3 steps. Order online, ship, and repair!

The trails are calling your name! Give your boots some TLC before you start your hike. Shoe repair saves you time and money. Start your shoe repair today!

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