The best part about online shoe repair is that we can easily provide top quality services to the entire country, including the tri-state area of New York City- providing shoe repair to areas such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, White Plains and Westchester.

My Shoe Hospital has been in business for over a century. Our expert cobblers have years of experience in shoe repair, and each shoe repair we do here at My Shoe Hospital is done with the utmost care and quality.

My Shoe Hospital is proud to have the opportunity of providing shoe repair services to New York City and surrounding areas with online, mail-in shoe repair. There are shoe repair shops all over New York City, but it’s rare that you will find a cobbler with the level of craftsmanship that My Shoe Hospital offers.

With My Shoe Hospital, residents of New York City can feel confident when they send their shoes to us they will be well taken care of and returned right to their doorstep looking just like new again. That’s right! There is no longer the need to fight though the busy streets of New York City to drop off and pick up shoes for repair. Everything on the customers’ end happens right from the convenience of their New York City home!

Of the many shoe repair shops in New York City, almost none of them have the diverse stock of parts that My Shoe Hospital keeps. With simple online shoe repair, the shop no longer must be physically located in New York City for the people of New York City to enjoy top quality shoe repair. One of the most popular shoe repair services we offer is the factory refinish topcoat. Take a look at our video to see how it’s done:


We appreciate the business of our customers, and we value giving back to the community, which is why we donate $1 to Food for the Poor for every shoe repair we do. With the dense population of New York City, and all of the surrounding areas, we can raise a lot of dollars to help children in need.

Won’t you join us, New York City, in giving back to our community, and working together to make the world we live in that much better? Let’s get started!

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