San Francisco is widely considered one of the most conservation conscious cities in America and yet many people still throw out their shoes instead of consulting shoe repair. Granted, the San Francisco hills make it difficult to drive or bike to the shoe repair store across town, and that’s not even including the terrible San Francisco traffic, but that doesn’t need to stop you from quality shoe repair.

Conservation has become the name of the game in San Francisco, California. It seems like everyone in San Francisco is working on reducing their carbon footprint and focusing on the conservation of natural resources.

Why not focus on conservation in addition to saving yourself time and energy? Our mail-in shoe repair service is revolutionizing the shoe repair industry by providing expert craftsmanship through the convenience of online ordering to San Francisco. If you can order a DVD from Amazon, you can order mail-in shoe repair from My Shoe Hospital.

Whether you’re in Marina, North Beach, Pacific Heights, Union Square, or any other San Francisco borough; you’ll never need to worry about trekking across Twin Peaks or Mount Davidson again. Save yourself the time it would take to travel across San Francisco to drop your shoes off and pick them up just to get a simple shoe repair.

What’s the best part? Shoe repair focuses on conservation over creation. You get to keep the shoes you love in the best shape possible, while also reducing the strain on resources to produce another pair of shoes. In addition, you’ll be saving time not traveling across San Francisco and reducing the CO2 emissions from sitting in San Francisco traffic.

To top it all off, every shoe repair provides an automatic donation to Food for the Poor Inc. So if you’re happy with the job we do on your shoes repair, tell your friends in San Francisco. Together we can make strong efforts towards the conservation of natural resources and provide needy children with food and education.

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