Whether you’re hiking in the mountains of Santa Monica, California, making a fashion spree on the Third Street Promenade, or out boating on the beautiful blue Pacific, your shoes are sure to be worn out under the California summer sun. But instead of tossing out your go-to pair of kicks, have you ever considered repairing them? It’s a simple as three easy steps: order, ship, repair!

Shoe Repair Services We Offer in Santa Monica, CA:

Shoe repair is an environmentally friendly service and also helps people save time and money in the long run. Whether your favorite pair of boat shoes are worn down from cruising on a day out in Santa Monica’s California waters or the soles of your expensive high heels are damaged from wearing them around the clubs of downtown Santa Monica, California, consider custom mail-in shoe repair services before you buy a new pair to replace them!

We know that the shoes left by Alex’s Shoe Repair will be hard to fill, and we want to extend our deepest respect for the legacy Ygnacio Gaona left. He will be dearly missed.

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